Parent Testimonies for Children Hearing God’s Voice

“While I learned many aspects of the Christian life, such as Bible study, prayer, serving and fellowship, the skill of listening to God was never discussed. I am so glad He brought Children Hearing God’s Voice into my hands. Several friends and I used this material with our families over a summer. We ended up learning more than the children did in this exciting course! It helped us learn to listen to His voice, while giving us the heart to obey and the desire to walk closely with Him.”

“Having learned so much through the Hearing God’s Voice course, we wanted our children to learn the same concepts. This course has done all of the work for me. It not only gave me the tools to explain some difficult concepts to my children, but also fun craft and game ideas to help the principles stick with my children. This morning my daughter said she believed that God was telling her to do something very specific. I told her how grateful I am that she not only hears, but she also chooses to obey!  Thank you, ZOE Ministries, for this awesome curriculum.”

“We have three children who are going through Children Hearing God’s Voice. We are really enjoying the curriculum. The kids have been praying for God to give them words for ministry recipients. We have each child ask God who he/she is to pray for. Once they have that, they ask Him for a word of encouragement or a vision or picture. 

“One of them was praying for a family friend who was pregnant. He heard the Lord say to pray for a smooth delivery and healthy baby. He was super excited when the baby was born the week that he was praying for them, and even more excited when the doctor said that was the smoothest delivery they could have asked for! The baby was quite early but totally healthy! The doctor used the exact words that God told him to pray.”

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