Zoe Course Descriptions

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27 (KJV)

Hearing Courses

Hearing God’s Voice 

In this course, everyone is encouraged to participate by applying the principles they read in scripture in order to learn to recognize when the Holy Spirit is speaking. The inner knowing, inner voice, and the authoritative voice of the Holy Spirit are discussed, as well as other manifestations of the Holy Spirit. The Lord is personal and unique, and desires to communicate with each one of His sheep in a personal and unique manner. We suggest taking this course first no matter how proficient you are in discerning God’s voice!

Young Adult Hearing God’s Voice 

This course is designed to be used in a Sunday school or youth group with students aged 11 and up. Typically, no homework is assigned, and teachings are provided for the youth leader. Students look at key Scriptures, helpful handouts and articles that help them learn how to discern God’s voice. Students are also given the chance to practice ministering in class. They are told the week before to ask the Lord for a word of encouragement, scripture verse, vision or dream that will encourage the designated ministry recipient. All are offered the chance to receive ministry. God becomes very real as the students hear from Him and sense His personal love and concern for them.

Children Hearing God’s Voice 

This 13-lesson homeschool curriculum helps children aged five years and up to learn how to discern God’s voice. Children grow in their relationship with God as they sense Him speaking to them. This course empowers parents to teach their children how to discern God’s voice. Bible-based teachings with learning activities, art projects and games help children retain key biblical principles. Children come to realize that God knows them and loves them in a personal way. Watch their excitement grow as they follow God’s leading!

How To Hear God’s Voice—In Christ

In the Hearing God’s Voice course we learned how to hear God as individuals, whereas in the In Christ course, we learn how the body of Christ operates together under His direction and to His glory. We look at Romans 12 and examine the motive gifts that determine our individual bents. This study enables us to understand, appreciate and love each other. We also look at the Trinity and how they operate together. We learn about the precious person of the Holy Spirit and how He teaches, guides and comforts us. We also learn about the gifts of the Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12 and 14 brought about as the Holy Spirit moves through us. Participants have remarked that this course has enabled them to see people the way God sees them and how they fit in the body of Christ.

How To Hear God’s Voice—In Marriage

This course is based on the love relationship God had with mankind in the very beginning. We examine our attitudes toward each other and how they reflect the greatest love of all, the love of Christ. Do we love and honor each other with the unconditional love that our Lord Jesus had for us while dying on the cross? As in previous classes, we examine scripture, seek the Lord, and ask Him, “How can I better serve and love my spouse?” We discover how we complete each other, not compete with each other.

How To Hear God’s Voice—In the Family

In today’s society we see the growing deterioration of the family. Parents are confused about what the Bible teaches on family issues. During this course we examine scriptures and what it means to: “Train up a child [early childhood] in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual bent], and when he is old [teen years can be the best] he will not depart from it.” (AMP with additions)

Knowing Courses

How To Know God’s Voice—In Intimate Friendship

Intimate Friendship with God! Can we experience such a relationship with the Creator of the universe? Here we examine what the Bible teaches us about the fear of the Lord, and how we can, indeed, have a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him. This is a very personal, yet freeing course on growing intimacy with God.

How To Know God’s Voice—In Worship

The focus of this course is on ministering to the Lord. During our time together the Lord draws us corporately into His presence as we worship Him. We study what worship is, why we worship, and how we worship.

How To Know God’s Voice—In His Presence

The Lord is calling each one of His sheep to come into His presence and to know Him in a deeper way. This course is not for the new believer nor the faint in heart. Those who are serious about knowing the Father in a more intimate way will find this class challenging but rewarding. Examining Jesus’ last days on earth will direct us into the presence of the Lord. This course is for those who have completed other ZOE courses.

How To Know God’s Voice—In the Coming of the Lord

Many are proclaiming dates and times when the Lord Jesus will return for His bride. This class is designed to focus on our preparation for His coming, not when He is coming, and to better understand the Lord’s statement of Revelation 22:20: “Yes, I am coming.” It is the goal of this course to prepare ourselves as the bride of Christ, with hearts that will respond with “Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.”

Following Courses

How To Follow God’s Voice—In Power

Evangelism is often thought of as a bad word! In this course we come to realize that God has a special plan for evangelism for us if we are only sensitive and obedient to His voice. Preparing your testimony, leading someone in salvation, and discipling others are a few of the topics discussed in this course. This is a real life-changer as we minister in Spirit-led evangelism!

How To Follow God’s Voice—In Healing

During this course we examine the scriptures in which Jesus healed the sick. The Holy Spirit highlights these passages as we study, and our faith increases! We realize that Jesus is the Healer, and we are simply His vessels as we listen to and follow His voice.

How To Follow God’s Voice—In Intercession

Jesus is in constant intercession (Hebrews 7:25). As we come before Him in worship, intercession is a natural outflow of our relationship with Him. By yielding to the Holy Spirit, our ministry to others through intercession will increase.

How To Follow God’s Voice—In Spiritual Warfare

As we come to know and recognize who our Lord is, He reveals to us who He is not! The tactics of Satan and our spiritual weapons are defined in this class. The Lord leads us in spiritual warfare as He enlists and mobilizes His army!

One-On-One Discipleship

Discipleship by the Word and the Holy Spirit

This 12-week course was developed by a disciple-maker after many years of successful one-on-one discipleship. Through this method the Holy Spirit is allowed to minister to the disciple through the Word and the encouragement of the disciple-maker. No other techniques or methods are used.

The entire course has been designed to enable individuals to feel confident in making disciples as directed by our Lord: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19.

Not only do the participants learn what discipleship means according to the Word of God, but they are encouraged to participate in a one-on-one discipleship program as part of the course. This training allows individuals to take great strides in their personal relationship with God and in ministry. It changes lives in a very simple, yet powerful way.

Evangelistic Outreach

Captivated by Their Character

This series of courses is designed to reach the unbeliever, new believer, and those needing a refresher course on the Trinity. They include Who Is Jesus?, Who Is God the Father? and Who Is the Holy Spirit?

They are offered in a non-threatening atmosphere where every effort is made to make the participant feel comfortable with the material. For example, everyone uses the same Bible, referring to page numbers rather than books, no reading is required outside of the course, and they are given the freedom to express their inadequacies as a believer or non-believer. These studies are also offered as an eBook.